Do you carry liquor liability insurance?

Bucky's Services carries liquor liability insurance as well as general liability. We can provide a certificate of insurance at your request. 

What are your rates?

Please visit our Rates page


What is your service area?

It doesn't hurt to ask about events outside of the Dane County area. We often serve areas such as Madison, Waukesha, Milwaukee, Dodge, Jefferson, Sauk, and many others. At this time, we cannot provide bartenders or event staff services in Illinois. 

Who provides the alcohol?

 We require our clients to provide us with alcohol, mixers, non-alcoholic beverages, and garnishes. We also require a "bar area" or table be available for us to use. If no area is available at your venue, we will work with you to acquire a rental or other solution. 

What is included with booking a bartender?

We offer unlimited consultation leading up to your event. Our event specialist will work with you to offer ideas and suggestions on all of your bar plans. This includes:

1. Signature drink creation

2. Suggested quantities

3. Suggested offerings

4. Beer and wine pairing

How can I book your services?

Simply use our contact form to contact us today! We offer installment plans and accept various payment options. 

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